“Dramatherapy has been the best sort of treatment I’ve ever received.  I can honestly say I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for this kind of support.”

– 17 year old, with mental health difficulties, who suffered child exploitation and drug/alcohol addiction.


“On my first meeting with the therapist from Catharsis, she asked me what expectations I had of dramatherapy, and due to how low I was feeling with regards to my daughters behaviour, trying to access support to no avail with other services, my very negative reply was “I have no expectations anymore”.  I am very pleased to say I couldn’t of been more wrong.  The therapist has enabled my daughter to understand and relate to her own very powerful feelings (most of which had very a negative impact on all our lives), my daughter now shows real empathy, compassion and true remorse.

I would say dramatherapy has not been a quick fix, but it has made such an improvement to how my daughter views herself and those around her, it was worth it.  I am so proud of my daughter and what she has achieved.  My only regret is that we didn’t find Catharsis sooner.”

– Mother whose daughter suffered several traumatic experiences including child exploitation, learning disability, mental health, drug and alcohol abuse and offending behaviour.  Her daughter now lives independently, has much reduced mental health difficulties, no longer misuses substances, is actively engaging in training and seeking employment or university studies.


“I felt I could tell you things I could not tell anyone else…”

– 16 year old boy, in care due to abuse in the home.


“This course has proven a valuable insight into trauma and how it impacts individuals behaviour and perception.”

– Staff involved in training.


“I wasn’t very strong minded at the start of the sessions but now I have found a new way to be happy and cope with things that go wrong”

– 14 year old coping with parental divorce and a friend’s suicide.


“Catharsis provided a very encouraging, supportive and nurturing environment that helped foster my growth, learning and development as a budding therapist to be.
I was fortunate to have had a professional therapist as my supervisor who gave her time generously and whose guidance and direction, equipped me with the essential skills and knowledge necessary towards my future success and competence as a professional Dramatherapist. I have thoroughly enjoyed and relished in the wonderful opportunity to (have worked  OR have experienced a student placement) with Catharsis”

– Second year Master student on clinical placement with Catharsis.



The Kingsmead School

Sue Bradley | Headteacher

Catharsis has provided therapeutic support for Kingsmead students for the past 12 years.  The level of support and professionalism provided to our school by the team is outstanding and the work that has been carried out with some of our most complex young people has been of real value in improving both their emotional health and well being but also their educational outcomes and positive progressions…

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Franky Boyland | Assistant Head/CP Officer

Kingsmead School is a pupil referral unit and special school working with young people that show behaviour, social and emotional needs.  Catharsis play a huge role in helping us to tackle some of the issues within the young people lives that we work with.  We work closely to reduce anti social behaviour, offending behaviour, substance misuse along with other more complex issues like child sexual exploitation, sexuality issues, raising self esteem and confidence…

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Derby Youth Offending Service

Andrew Kaiser | Assistant Head of Service

I am an Assistant Head of Service working in a busy city based multi agency Youth Offending Service and have commissioned services from Catharsis for over fours years.  During this time, Catharsis have provided a broad range of services that has met the needs of a very demanding, complex and challenging client group, this has included individual and group therapeutic interventions for young people and parents…

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