Derby Youth Offending Service, Andrew Kaiser, Assistant Head of Service


I am an Assistant Head of Service working in a busy city based multi agency Youth Offending Service and have commissioned services from Catharsis for over fours years.

During this time, Catharsis have provided a broad range of services that has met the needs of a very demanding, complex and challenging client group, this has included individual and group therapeutic interventions for young people and parents.

Catharsis have always provided an effective and efficient service, I have found all practitioners to be punctual, flexible, innovative and to possess excellent communication skills, not just with clients and their families; but also with the management and staff within my service. Catharsis have integrated themselves so seamlessly into the service that they truly feel a key part of the organisation.

The end result of this has most often been positive outcomes for children and young people. I have observed high engagement rates by young people and parents in therapeutic interventions and reduced vulnerability, i.e. less frequent absconding and self harming behaviours during and following intervention.

From my professional point of view, the added value I feel Catharsis provide is the informal work with my staff that helps to raise their awareness of issues facing young people and which in turn increases motivation. The staff from Catharsis have frequently offered informal consultation regarding children and young people not in therapy but who may have needs pertaining to their emotional and or mental health.

So long as they remain available, I will continue to use services provided by Catharsis given the positive impact this has had for both the clients who use our services and on the service itself.

Andrew Kaiser | Assistant Head of Service | Derby Youth Offending Service.





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