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In partnership with Ingeus and part-funded by the European Social Fund, Catharsis is offering Movement Psychotherapy sessions and Music Therapy sessions at each of the CFO Activity Hubs in the North East: Middlesborough, Darlington and Durham. The sessions offered by Catharsis, as part of the range of activities at the Hubs, are facilitated by fully qualified Arts Therapists.

Catharsis works with clients who are struggling to have stability and gain employment due to mental health or other social and emotional problems. Sometimes talking about things can be difficult; the aim of the Movement Psychotherapy and Music Therapy sessions is to help individuals involved with the criminal justice system increase their confidence, self-esteem, group work skills and personal development.

Participants do not need to have any skill or previous experience – just a willingness to take part. They may:

  • Suffer with stress, anxiety, depression, or unexplained body pain
  • Struggle with poor self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Behave in ways that negatively affect their relationships
  • Have had difficult past experiences that have been hard to recover from
  • Have an interest in music and/or movement and are willing to see how these can be used for self expression
  • Be keen to develop personal creativity

The CFO Activity Hubs have been funded via HM Prison and Probation Service Co-financing Organisation (CFO). CFO utilises European Social Fund monies to move individuals in custody and the community closer to the labour market.

To learn more about the work of HMPPS CFO, and the other support available, please contact¬†[email protected]

cfo activity
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