The core of Catharsis community work is geared towards delivering the Arts Therapies to hard to reach groups and individuals who are often socially excluded or who are experiencing psychological, emotional, relational or social difficulties. Our therapists’ facilitation style is structured whilst flexible, they are directed by the developing needs and arising themes for the client, which is why it is almost impossible to be prescriptive when delivering this intervention.

Project management and in particular evaluation, also forms a huge part of our work.  We take the approach that the partnership we form with an individual or organisation is all about understanding each other’s needs with regards to aims and objectives.  We insist that all of our projects have a clear set of aims, objectives and desired outcomes from the very start.  On-going evaluation takes place throughout the project with consistent feedback involving as many of those people involved in the project as possible.  Written reports are provided throughout and at the end of the process.  Therapy is delivered within the institution where possible.



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