Kingsmead School, Franky Boyland, Assistant Head/CP Officer

Kingsmead School is a pupil referral unit and special school working with young people that show behaviour, social and emotional needs.  My role is Assistant Head and Child Protection Coordinator.

Catharsis play a huge role in helping us to tackle some of the issues within the young people lives that we work with.  We work closely to reduce anti social behaviour, offending behaviour, substance misuse along with other more complex issues like child sexual exploitation, sexuality issues, raising self esteem and confidence – helping the young people feel self worth and value.  The aim of this work is to support the young people in coping with adult life, gaining confidence in taking those next steps and helping them to feel part of their community, valuing their community and realising that they contribute to that community in being one that is a safe and happy place to live.

The work carried out by Catharsis plays a great role in this progression as without the young people getting to a place where they understand themselves and learn to like themselves it is difficult for anything else to progress – the core issues need to be dealt with before anything else can gain the focus required to achieve.

Franky Boyland | Assistant Head/CP Officer | Children and Young People’s Services | The Kingsmead School, Bridge Street, Derby DE1 3LB

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