Kingsmead School, Sue Bradley, Headteacher


Catharsis has provided therapeutic support for Kingsmead students for the past 12 years.  The level of support and professionalism provided to our school by the team is outstanding and the work that has been carried out with some of our most complex young people has been of real value in improving both their emotional health and well being but also their educational outcomes and positive progressions.  The team have liaised with other health and social care professionals and often co-worked more complex cases to ensure the best possible support for that individual.  Many young people have received support at important transition points to enable them to make positive progressions back into mainstream or to post 16 provision.

To enhance the work of our wider school team Catharsis have offered us a range of support including individual and team consultation, specific team and whole school training covering issues such as attachment, dealing with trauma and endings.  In addition they have provided ‘emergency’ sessions for staff to offload after dealing with particularly difficult situations and have signposted staff for further help and support.

I am always delighted to recommend Catharsis to other schools and tossing their praises for the excellent work that they do.

Sue Bradley | Headteacher | Children and Young People’s Directorate | The Kingsmead School, Bridge Street, Derby, DE1 3LB



The Kingsmead School


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