What we do

Overcoming trauma, beating stress, building confidence and personal development that is our mission.  At Catharsis we use innovative techniques with proven, life changing results.

Perhaps you have people in your care who have experienced difficulties in their lives that affect their wellbeing. Maybe your employees would benefit from training in how to work with challenging individuals or from gaining insight into the roles they play in the workplace.

At Catharsis we are committed to providing therapeutic services that are tailored to the needs of a diverse range of clients. Our skilled therapists and versatile approach to creative psychotherapy allows full engagement at all levels.

Our service focuses on two areas – therapy and training.

  • Arts Therapy: We provide this powerful form of creative psychotherapy for both children and adults who have a wide range of emotional, behavioural and psychological needs. Our intention is to develop an individual’s insight, resourcefulness and ability to express emotions healthily.  We support fragmented families, individuals and institutions in order to promote internal balance, empowerment and prosperity and offer these services in a variety of settings.  We work within education, criminal justice, mental health, social care and voluntary organisations alike.
  • Professional and arts based training: We deliver a high quality programme of professional training, for practitioners working in mental health, education and social care environments.  Training includes child development, systemic working, trauma, brain development, neuroscience and attachment, personality and personality disorder.  We also bring the arts into business to motivate, inspire, challenge and unlock the potential of staff, on both a professional and personal level. We are skilled in exploring issues such as confidence, interpersonal skills, team dynamics, stress and conflict management.

Our therapists work in both the public and private sector.

Over the years Catharsis have provided Arts Therapies to over 30 different establishments. We are highly regarded in our field for our high standards, integrity and ethics. We thrive on building enduring relationships with our clients and have become an integral part of many institutions.