Wish Dolls – A 1 ½ hour Doll Making workshop for Young People

Venue: The Mill, Lodge Lane Derby. Dates: 22, 23, 29 and 30 December.

Wish Dolls are simple fabric dolls that contain a wish, hidden by the doll maker. Whereby the famous ‘Guatemalan Worry Dolls’ sit and fret, Wish Dolls hold a wish and hope for the future. Each Young Person will have an end product to take away, keep and enjoy.

During the workshop young people will not be asked to share their wishes, unless they want to. They will spend time thinking about wishes and helping pick a wish that has the potential to come true. The wishes are private, hidden in the doll; a secret held between doll and maker.

The making of dolls can be very relaxing, soothing and fun. Wish Dolls are a ‘no sew’ doll and can be made by anyone, even those who don’t feel confident at making crafts. They are tactile, soft and are of a size that fits neatly in the hand, meaning they can be carried in the pocket and taken everywhere.

Wish Dolls provide an opportunity for young people to think about their hopes, wishes and potential futures in a safe, contained space, under the supervision of a trained therapist. Groups will be limited to 5.

The workshop aims to

  • Reduce anxiety
  • Increase self-esteem
  • Support young people and increase their coping strategies
  • Provide a positive focus for the future.

Contact: Keren Adler for booking and further information:

[email protected]

mobile: 07807 753574

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