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Catharsis offers bespoke mental health services within schools, working with some of the most vulnerable and challenging young people across the UK


A significant proportion of young people have issues and/or needs which impact on their emotional health. In turn, this can impact on their ability to learn and work in an educational setting. Our team of Arts Therapists are able to offer support to staff and parents as well as students. We feed into school management systems, safeguarding meetings and work closely with parents and school staff to achieve the best results for all involved. 

How We Work

Catharsis therapists use a variety of Psychotherapeutic models, working with each client in a person centred way.

  • Goal based outcomes are identified by the individual and the wider MDT 
  • Activities are employed at the client’s pace
  • Clients set their own pace for self-expression through play and art (no creative skills are needed to benefit from the Arts Therapies)
  • We ensure the right therapist is selected for each client
  • Therapy can be delivered within the school, at our Arts Therapy Centre or other suitable locations
*Activities will vary according to needs for adaptive coping, the nature of trauma, temperament, cultural diversity and other factors.

We work with the team around the family to help individuals engage with and maintain their education placements, thus improving aspirations and positive future outcomes. 

Full Range of Services

1:1 therapy

Group therapy (minimum 3)

Parent/Family therapy

Staff Welfare

Staff Mediation

Staff Clinical Supervision

Staff Training


University Clinical Placements

Bespoke packages of support 

Project Management

Catharsis is currently offering free staff training and or pupil workshops to all schools that sign up to our services for the 2018/19 academic year.

*Offer T&C’s apply – contact for details



Contact: Keren Adler | 07807 753574 | [email protected]

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