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Training is available for those who wish to pursue a career in psychotherapy, arts therapy, counselling or for qualified therapists continuing their professional development. We also provide training for people who work within health, education and social care environments, including nurses, doctors, teachers, social workers and youth workers.

The following training programmes can be tailored to meet needs; we are also happy to discuss bespoke training packages.

Forthcoming training events will be advertised on the Latest News page of our website.

Systemic Working with Families

To consider how we might think of working with the wider family system.  Exploring the historical context of the roles we play at work. (4 hours)

Working with the Silent Child

To explore theories around working in preverbal and nonverbal interactions with children and young people. (4 hours)

Children in Care and the Adopted Child

To increase knowledge and awareness of attachment and trauma in relation to looked after children. (4 hours)

Connecting to the Inner Child

How joy heals trauma.  Exploring the love versus trauma bond. (4 hours)

The Best Days of your Life?

To consider your own experience of school life and what impact that has had.  To consider school and the impact it has on individuals as a system.  To look at why we chose to work with the clients we do. (4 hours)

The Therapeutic Benefits of Creative Storytelling

 Making sense of the child’s fantasy and its relation to their reality.  Providing an opportunity to build spontaneity and playfulness using stories and drama in the relationship. (4 hours)

Child Development

Archetypes, personal identity and the formation of self. (4 hours)

Holding Boundaries Safely

Working with children and young people who challenge our boundaries and helping them create safe boundaries for themselves. (4 hours)

Mature Team Development

Exploring how to overcome the blocks that prevent your team from reaching their potential. (4 hours)

Neuroscience and Attachment

Recent breakthroughs in brain research and the implications for attachment and systems. (4 hours)

Understanding Personality and Personality Disorder

A creative and embodied workshop exploring personality development, considering the continuum from normative to maladaptive presentations. (4 hours)

Responses to Trauma

What trauma is and how it can affect brain development in children.  Understanding a child’s coping strategies, the victim persecutor dynamic and emotional regulation.  Keep us safe when working with a traumatised individual. (2 hours)

Don’t fear the reaper… endings and their existential repercussions

Responses to endings and handling them appropriately.  A sensitive exploration of how we experience endings and how that can affect the children and young people we work with. (2 hours)


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