Masks and the Four Temperaments – Training by Michael Chase, psychodrama psychotherapist

Date: Friday 27 October 10 – 4:30pm

£95 to include a light lunch Early Bird offer (bookings before 13 October) – £75

Michael Chase has taught and directed physical theatre, mime and mask at drama colleges and universities for over 30 years. He established The Mask Studio in the mid 90’s to develop masks for training, education, performance and therapy which are used internationally by theatres and theatre companies including the RSC, the National Theatre, LAMDA, Trestle Theatre, Welch National Opera and Told by an Idiot. He was the Artistic Director of the Glasshouse Art Centre for 15 years, where he also developed the application of masks in ‘Hero’s Journey’, a therapeutic programme for young adults with complex needs. Michael is presently working as a psychodrama psychotherapist in a medium secure Democratic Therapeutic Community prison with violent offenders, using masks and psychodrama. He holds a master’s degree in educational research and runs mask workshops internationally. Michael has just had a book published by Hawthorn Press on the creation and use of masks in different fields of practice; ‘MASK’.

This full day’s training is suited to Therapists, Artists, Social Workers, Education and Criminal Justice Staff looking to integrate masks and action methods into their practice. The archetypes of the four temperaments; choleric, sanguine, phlegmatic and melancholic offer a lens through which to explore the psychology of the human being. Participants will gain meaningful and humorous insights about the four temperaments as they live within us and others. Through improvisation, interactive body-work and action methods participants will learn approaches to the use of full and half masks in performance, education, and the therapeutic application. Using masks participants will also explore how to develop weak temperaments and ameliorate over developed ones.

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