Josh was a child in care who had suffered many forms of abuse through out his young life.  He was severely traumatised by his experiences and as a result found it very difficult to engage in any kind of relationship with adults or peers.  He came into therapy at the age of 11 years old and stayed in the process throughout his school years.  He worked with the Dramatherapist using an enacted story to facilitate the process.  This was safe for Josh, the safety of play, the boundaries of the story, the experimentation within the drama and characters was what Josh could manage and needed at this time in his life.  The essence of the enacted story did not change through his time in therapy but the relational work that took place within the story had a significant impact on his development.  Initially the characters in his story were animals, he chose to play an animal and directed the therapist to also do this.  These creatures could not engage in any contact, however as therapy progressed the story grew and Josh allowed his character to engage more and more with the therapists character very carefully.  Over the years the story developed whereby the characters morphed and engaged in some very deep interactions whereby the therapist was able to take on a human role in the drama and take care of the often ill, hurt and abused animal.  This reparative work provided Josh with the kind care he desperately needed in order to continue to grow into a healthy young man, which he did.

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