Evelyn was a lonely and isolated mum of a four year old little boy.  There were child protection concerns at the time of referral as it was clear she was not coping with looking after him very well, though she always tried very hard to get it right.  She was referred to therapy due to her poor social skills, learning disability, anxiety and depression.  She had attempted to commit suicide and self harmed prolifically.  She struggled at first to engage with the therapist as she was very frightened and did not trust the therapist or the process but soon she became overly dependant and attached to the therapist.  Her father from very young had sexually abused Evelyn and her understanding of relationships was very confused as a result.  Evelyn worked through some very difficult issues in therapy and managed to eventually hold a healthy relationship with the therapist and her son.  She made no further attempts to hurt herself in anyway.  The therapist worked closely with other agencies to ensure the protection of her son and the development of their relationship.  On leaving therapy Evelyn was confident enough to access help from a variety of other professionals.

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