Summer Training / CPD opportunities

  • 9.8.16 (am) – Moving from Trainee to Professional –¬†A workshop for newly qualified Creative Arts Therapists
  • 9.8.16 (pm) Developing Reflective Practice
  • 18.8.16 Introduction to Psychodrama

Moving from Trainee to Professional – This workshop will be active and participants will be encouraged to explore their own unique abilities and interests as well as identifying areas for development. Space will be given to consider the following different areas:

  • how to get work
  • how to market and promote dramatherapy / art therapy
  • choosing client groups
  • accessing funding
  • self employment versus employment.

This workshop allows space to explore the fears and concerns of moving out into the professional world.

Developing Reflective Practice –¬†Utilising the nine dimensions of reflective practice, this workshop aims to clarify the full extent of this valuable tool in the professional development of clinical practitioners. An active and engaging session, where therapists can explore their own growth and development; considering what are recurrent themes, stumbling blocks and achievements for future practice consideration.

Psychodrama is an active form of Psychotherapy, which allows participants to explore scenes from the past, present and future. Opportunity will be given to try out psychodrama techniques and explore the multi layers of meaning behind all of our experiences.

Introduction to Psychodrama – This will be a day of experiential exploration; a day of fun and reflection. There is no requirement to have any previous experience. Participants will gain insight into psychodrama and how it feels to work in a small supportive group.

The potential for establishing an ongoing, weekly, psychodrama group will be explored with participants.

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